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Wool Blend Felt Sheets

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Lovely, luscious 9" x 12" wool blend felt sheets in a gorgeous rainbow of colors!

Choose your color from the drop-down menu above the Add to Cart button.

This is what I use for all my felt crafting - I adore embroidering through this stuff. It feels so delightful in the hand!

All of these are either 80% rayon/20% wool or 65% rayon/35% wool. I use the two blends interchangeably and can't really feel the difference between them in texture, thickness or hand.

The colors with a star beside them are heathered, with a beautiful dappled texture.

I've taken the guesswork out of choosing thread colors! You'll see that the thread listings use the same color names - those threads match the felt exactly.

As always - the colors look accurate on my monitor, but all monitors are calibrated differently and so may not be exactly accurate. I promise all the colors are beautiful. :-)