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The Hurrier I Go the Behinder I Get - embroidery pattern



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What you get+-

Please note: This pattern is a digital PDF pattern. More info here.

My grandmother had a cross stitch version of this quote hanging on the wall in her dining room and I always loved it. It was years before I realized it was from Alice in Wonderland - I just liked the made-up words "hurrier" and "behinder." And now, of course, I'm all about what it's really saying. Slow down. Maybe think about just doing one thing at a time and doing it well. I decided to stitch up this little reminder - slowly - to hang in my studio. You can do it too! It's not fast (that's a lot of fill stitching) but it's super easy. Just two very simple stitches.

You Get. . .

  • a full-sized pattern for tracing
  • a reversed pattern for easy use with iron-on transfer tools
  • a complete color and stitch guide
  • links to videos teaching you both the stitches I used


    As is it will fit perfectly in a 7-inch hoop for framing. Of course, like any other embroidery pattern it's really easy to size up or down to whatever size you like. Oh - and the pattern includes a link to a video showing you how to frame it in a hoop without glue.


    Easy! You’ve never done any embroidery before? No problem! The whole thing uses just two stitches. Easy ones! And the pattern has links to videos teaching you how to do both of them.