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Halloween fabric bundle

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What You Get

Thirteen 12-inch strips of high-quality, 100% cotton fabric in fun Halloween prints! 

Thirteen for luck!

These spooky prints will make extra fun Halloween projects.

Choosing fabrics for a quilt can be tricky - and shopping online if there's no quilt shop near you can be even trickier. This bundle takes all the guesswork out of the process for you! The bundle includes a range of Halloween prints - all from the same collection from Andover fabrics so the colors coordinate perfectly.

You can use these prints for background blocks, for applique, and also for sashing and binding - so I'm offering them as a bundle of pre-cut fabric strips for maximum versatility.

Each bundle contains thirteen 12" strips of fabric, cut selvedge to selvedge. They should all be 40-44 inches wide.

Background blocks

These strips make it super easy to cut the 11" square blocks I recommend for all my quilt patterns, with almost no waste. You can get three blocks out of each strip of fabric (with some left over). For a nap or crib size quilt, you'll only need one bundle. For a twin size quilt you'll need two bundles. 


    It depends on how skinny or chunky your appliques are, but a good, conservative estimate is that you can get at least 5 appliques out of each strip of fabric. One bundle will be more than enough fabric to do all the appliques in a crib or nap size quilt, with plenty of variety and a fair bit left over.

    A twin size quilt has 63 blocks. One bundle is enough to make at least 65 - and that's a conservative estimate. As long as you aren't doing a lot of really bulky animals and you're being reasonably careful with your fabric use, you should be able to get a full 63 blocks from one bundle.


    One bundle is more than enough to add either wonky or traditional sashing to a nap or crib size quilt, with enough leftover for binding. 

    One bundle will be just enough to add traditional or wonky sashing to a twin-size quilt, but you'll probably need to get a little extra for binding. The leftovers are a perfect option for that.

    These are high quality 100% cotton fabrics from Andover Fabrics - the same fabrics I use in my own quilts.

    Order your bundle now so you can skip right to the fun part - MAKING your project! Orders ship on the same or next business day, so you won't have to wait long. :-)

    Click on the leftovers tab to read more about buying any available leftovers in larger cuts.


    You can buy my leftovers! 

    When I order fabric for these bundles, I order one bolt of each fabric. But the amount on a bolt can vary by a few yards! Since each bundle needs exactly 1/3 yard of each fabric, I end up with leftovers of the colors that shipped on bigger bolts.

    Now those extra leftovers are available to you in half yard cuts! At a discount! Do you want a little extra of one of your favorite prints? I might have it here.

    Each unit is 1/2 yard - so if you enter a quantity of 1 you'll get 1/2 yard of fabric. If you enter a quantity higher than 1, you'll get the length in one cut. For example - if you order a quantity of 3 you'll receive one piece of fabric 1 1/2 yards long - not three half-yard pieces.

    Since these are leftovers, what I have available will vary widely. If you see something you like - get it! Choose your color from the drop-down menu above the add to cart button.


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