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Warm Neutral Batiks Fabric Bundles

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Get the colors you love from the Warm Neutrals fabric bundle - but in luscious, dapply batiks!

You can use them for background blocks, for applique, and also for sashing and binding - so I'm offering them as a bundle of pre-cut fabric strips for maximum versatility.

Each bundle contains twelve 12" strips of fabric, cut selvedge to selvedge. They should all be 40-44 inches wide.

Batiks are especially fantastic for applique, because the fabric is dyed all the way through instead of being printed on the surface. That means if you get a little fraying around the edges of the applique pieces - those threads are not white! They're the same color as the fabric. 

Batiks are great for background blocks too - especially if you're not planning on getting too fancy with your quilting, because it won't show much on those dapply textures. 

The downside of batiks is that they tend to bleed. I prewash all my fabrics before using them, and I recommend you do the same - especially batik fabrics! Wash them the same way you'd wash the finished quilt.

Background blocks

These strips make it super easy to cut the 11" square blocks I recommend for all my quilt patterns, with almost no waste. You can get three blocks out of each strip of fabric (with some left over). For a nap or crib size quilt, you'll only need one bundle. For a twin size quilt you'll need two bundles. 


    It depends on how skinny or chunky your animals are, but a good, conservative estimate is that you can get at least 5 appliques out of each strip of fabric. One bundle will be more than enough fabric to do all the appliques in a crib or nap size quilt, with plenty of variety and a fair bit left over.

    A twin size quilt has 63 blocks. One bundle is enough to make at least 60 - and that's a conservative estimate. As long as you aren't doing a lot of really bulky animals and you're being reasonably careful with your fabric use, you'll probably be able to get a full 63 blocks from one bundle.


    One bundle is more than enough to add either wonky or traditional sashing to a nap or crib size quilt, with enough leftover for binding. 

    One bundle will be just enough to add traditional or wonky sashing to a twin-size quilt, but you'll probably need to get a little extra for binding. The leftovers are a perfect option for that.

    These are high quality 100% cotton fabrics from Robert Kaufman - the exact fabrics I use in my own quilts.

    Order your bundle now and skip right to the fun part - MAKING your quilt. :-) Orders ship on the same or next business day, so you won't have to wait long.

    Click on the leftovers tab to read more about buying any available leftovers in larger cuts.


    You can buy my leftovers! 

    When I order fabric for these bundles, I order one bolt of each fabric. But the amount on a bolt can vary by a few yards! Since each bundle needs exactly 1/3 yard of each fabric, I end up with leftovers of the colors that shipped on bigger bolts.

    Now those extra leftovers are available to you in half yard cuts! At a discount! Do you want a little extra - or a full-width piece - of one of your favorite colors? I might have it here.

    Each unit is 1/2 yard - so if you enter a quantity of 1 you'll get 1/2 yard of fabric. If you enter a quantity higher than 1, you'll get the length in one cut. For example - if you order a quantity of 3 you'll receive one piece of fabric 1 1/2 yards long - not three half-yard pieces.

    Since these are leftovers, what I have available will vary widely. If you see something you like - get it! Choose your color from the drop-down menu above the add to cart button.

    You can see a few colors in the swatches that are marked "discontinued." Those are from the previous version of the bundle that have now been discontinued. Get them while you can!