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Stamped Cross Stitch Panels - Cat or Dog


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Stamped cross stitch is super easy. There's no map to follow, no color key, no counting. The Xs are printed right on the fabric. Just stitch over them!

Choose the cat or the dog from the drop down menu. You can see a stitched and unstitched sample or each in the photos.

You get a 6-inch square of canvas printed with the design. The samples are shown in with 5-inch hoops, but a 4-inch hoop will work as well. (The dog just barely fits the 4-inch hoop.) 

For the cat I used DMC #535 (smoky marble) for the dark grey, DMC #168 (silver grey) for the light grey, and DMC#310 (black) for the face and whiskers.

For the dog I used DMC #3032 (sandstone) for the tan, DMC #922 (pumpkin spice) for the orange, and DMC #310 (black) for the eyes and nose.

You do NOT need to use these specific colors! If you already have grey and brown threads in your stash, they'll work. Just match them (ish) to the printed background on the fabric, because some of the background will peek through around your Xs.

I used 3 strands of floss and a #5 embroidery needle.

You can buy the thread here and the needles here. There are 4-inch plastic hoops available here, but if you want to frame it in the hoop you'll probably want to get a wooden one.

I use canvas because it's a heavier weight fabric - which is great for beginners. If you have your fabric hooped, it will be almost impossible to pull your stitches too tight. :-)

Watch a video showing how to do stamped cross stitch here. And there's a photo tutorial here.

Have fun with these! It's a great way to get started cross-stitching - and they're fun for kids!