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Eleganza Thread


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Eleganza is the thickest thread I carry - 5 wt. That can't go through a sewing machine, so it's only for hand-sewing.

I like to use it for animal faces stitched on wool felt, where the shine of rayon thread would be a distraction. It's long-staple Egyptian cotton, but when stitched on wool felt it has a matching texture so it looks "right" together. 

It also looks nice for hand-embroidered rag doll faces.

I recommend using a size #1 embroidery needle for most stitching. If you're going to do a lot of wrapped stitches (like my beloved French knots) I recommend getting some size #1 milliners needles. These have a big eye and a uniform thickness from top to bottom (the sides of the eye don't bow out) making it easy for you to slide wrappings over the eye without any resistance. You can shop for all my favorite needles here.

At this point I only carry black thread, because I only use it for faces. If you're looking for the colorful rayon threads you see in the photo, you'll find the Razzle collection here.

One spool holds 40 yards of thread.