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Razzle Thread

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I adore using Razzle thread for embroidery on felt. The shine of the rayon contrasts beautifully with the wooly texture of the felt for an overall luscious look.

This is 8 weight thread - too thick to use in a machine so it's for hand-stitching only.

I recommend using a size #1 embroidery needle for most stitching. If you're going to do a lot of wrapped stitches (like my beloved French knots) I recommend getting some size #1 milliners needles. These have a big eye and a uniform thickness from top to bottom (the sides of the eye don't bow out) making it easy for you to slide wrappings over the eye without any resistance. You can shop for all my favorite needles here.

Rayon thread feels like silk. It's dreamy to stitch with, and feels lovely in your hands. But because it's so smooth and slippery, it's easy for your spool to quickly look like the first one in this photo.

I also recommend getting a pack of WonderGuard reusable wraps to tame those rayon spools - like the neat and tidy one you see on the bottom. It's like magic! Choose a pack of wraps from the drop-down menu - the same place you choose your thread colors. You get 10 wraps in each pack.

One spool holds 50 yards of thread.