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Wonder Clips - pack of 50 clips


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Ever since I discovered sewing clips, I rarely use pins anymore.

Don't like the way pins distort thick fabrics like fleece and felt and fur?

Use clips instead!

Sewing laminated fabrics and don't want to leave holes?

Use clips instead!

Sewing on a quilt binding and having a hard time with pins?

Use clips instead!

Tired of pins sticking you while sewing or appliqueing by hand?

Use clips instead!

Sewing with kids and they have a hard time managing pins?

Use clips instead!

I love them and use them all the time!

This pack holds 50 clips. Each clip is just a smidge over 1 inch long and opens REALLY wide. I've used them often for multiple layers of thick fleece and I have yet to find anything they can't handle.