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Ink Jet Printable Fusible Adhesive

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What You Get

If you hate tracing then this is the product for you. It's PRINTABLE fusible adhesive! Applique with fusible adhesive is the quickest and easiest applique - and it just got even quicker and easier with this product. The Lite and Featherlite sheets will work with any inkjet printer. No More Tracing! *Can you tell how much I hate to trace?* 

So how does it work? Really, really well! I use this now in all my quilts.

In a nutshell. . . You do need to stitch around your applique. But a simple straight stitch is plenty to keep things together and gives a nice clean look. And there's no gumming of the needle. There's very little fraying around the edges after washing and drying.

The Lite is soft. You can still tell there's adhesive in there, but it's not bad at all - and it was even better after one washing. It's what I use in all my quilts and it weathers multiple trips through the washer and dryer very well.

The Featherlite is VERY soft. Before it's washed you can barely tell the adhesive is there. After I wash it once I can't tell it's there at all. There is much more fraying of the edges with the Featherlite, so I reserve it for T-shirts and other clothing projects where softness is key - especially baby outfits that won't need to be washed too many times before they're outgrown. I recommend Lite for quilts. If you use Featherlite, it's best to satin stitch around the edges - and it still may not hold up well through multiple washings.

Each pack contains 10 sheets, each 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

The Ultrahold is different.

  • It doesn't come in printable sheets. Instead it's one 17 inch x 1 yard piece
  • It does not need to be sewn. The adhesive is crazy strong and will stick through washing and drying (on low heat) without coming unstuck.
  • The adhesive is also stiff. I recommend it for small pieces like eyes and noses - things that are fussy to sew, and small enough that you won't notice the stiffness.

Choose the weight that's right for your project in the drop-down menu.


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