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12 wt. Thread for Quilting and Embroidery


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This is the thread I use when I want my quilting to have a thicker line.

It's 12 wt. thread - significantly thicker than all-purpose sewing thread. You can see the difference in the cat block pictured. The head, ears and shoulders are outlined with standard all-purpose thread. The face and whiskers are machine stitched with 12 wt. thread. See how much thicker and darker the line is?

This is also the thread weight I use for big stitch hand quilting - a nice thick stitch. :-)

In addition to quilting with it, I've found that this is the perfect thread to use if I'm machine stitching doll faces! The doll face in the photos is machine stitched with this thread - just trace the nose and mouth from the pattern and stitch right over the lines with a simple straight stitch. Easy peasy!

The recommended machine needle is a size 90 or 100 topstitching needle. I've tried both and the 90 works best in my machine. You can get a pack of those needles here. For hand quilting you'll want to use a size #8 embroidery needle, available here.