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Creature Camp: 18 Softies to Draw, Sew and Stuff



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This book - a collection of 18 projects - teaches children with no sewing experience how to sew their very own cuddly pals.


I designed this for Mommy-free crafting - though I'll be the first to tell you that it's really fun to sew with kids. If you've never sewn before you can learn together. :-)

Build Your Sewing Skills

Readers learn a new skill in every chapter, then practice that new skill with a project. Start out by learning to sew straight lines and turn corners and work your way up to putting in zippers and working with fun fur fabrics. This guide walks kids step-by-step through all the skills needed to make their own softies. Then multiple examples of each project encourage them to play around with their own fun variations. 

Kid Tested and Approved

Every single item in every single photo in the book was 100% sewn by kids. My daughter (age 9 at the time) sewed all the projects for the step-by-step photos and the "by-the-pattern" finished projects. Then she and her friends had fun sewing new (and often unexpected) variations on all the projects. :-) They switched arms and legs, removed noses and added feathers. They played while they sewed and it made my heart sing. (I know that sounds sappy - but I can't think of any other way to describe how it felt to watch them make these projects. For those allergic to sap - I apologize.)

You can see photos of some of the finished softies (and adapted softies) below.

I wrote the book especially for kids ages 8 and up. Beginners of all ages are, of course, welcome to use it. :-) Kids younger than 8 will need help.

Signed Copy

When you order from me you get a signed copy - and I draw a little picture in every book. :-) Get ready to sew some softies - and become an expert on the sewing machine!