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What You Get

Please choose your needle type and size from the drop down menu above the add to cart button.

Here are some general guidelines. . .

Embroidery needles have a slightly bigger eye than regular sewing needles (also called sharps) - perfect for using thicker embroidery thread.

Quilting betweens are short and strong, with a tiny eye. They're ideal for hand quilting with regular thread. (For big stitch quilting I use embroidery needles.)

I use size 5 embroidery needles for just about everything. They're just the right size for embroidering with 4 strands of thread (my favorite thread thickness for most projects on regular fabric) but if I concentrate I can get a whole 6 strands in there. And they work fine for smaller threads too. These are the needles I use when I do hand-sewing with kids - the bigger eye is easier for them to thread.

I use size 8 embroidery needles for sewing felt. They're just the right size for 2 strands of embroidery thread, which is what I use for whipstitching all my felt softies. I'm picky about needle size when I'm embroidering felt because the needle actually leaves a visible hole - so you want one that's really just the right size to hold the thickness of thread you're using.

Sometimes I want a range of sizes. Remember - needle size are the reverse of what you'd expect. The bigger the number, the smaller the needle.

If you're going to do a lot of different types of embroidery, or if you're going to be doing regular embroidery and sewing felt softies - you'll want the pack that has sizes 5-10.

For sewing with very thick thread (like #5 pearl cotton) I recommend getting the pack that has sizes 1-5. (I use the #1 needle for size 5 pearl cotton.)

You get a lot of needles in a pack - 12 size 5 needles or 16 in the multisize pack or size 8 pack.

The quilting betweens come in a pack of 20 needles in sizes from 5-10. Very handy.