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Pendant Frames for Embroidery


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These pretty pendants and pins are practically perfect in every way. :-)

They come in three parts - the frame, a slightly domed insert that gives your stitching just the right curve inside the frame, and a flat back to hide the messy raw edge of your fabric. You get all the parts for one pendant or pin. If you order a pendant you also get a 16-18 inch adjustable satin necklace cord. Make one for a friend - and one for you!

They're very easy to assemble! Take a look at the photos (you can click on them to see them larger). Want even more detail? Watch this video. They're a very nice (not overwhelming) size - 1 inch wide and 1 1/2 inches tall (not counting the bail at the top of the pendant). You can shrink any pattern down to fit in the frames, but I've designed several pattern sets especially for these pendants. Find them all here.