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Thread Magic appears to be the same wonderful stuff Thread Heaven was - in a better little package!

How did I embroider for years without this stuff? Seriously. It's amazing! I first tried it when I was working on a project for a book. The design and stitches were already approved by the editor, but I found that the area I was satin stitching was just a little too big to satin stitch easily. My threads weren't sitting perfectly smoothly on top of each other - blending into one smooth, satiny look. Hrmph. I didn't really want to go back to the editor to get permission to change the design - so I did some googling to see if I could find any advice to smooth out my satin stitching. Thread Heaven! Thread Heaven! Thread Heaven! Everywhere I looked the answer was the same, so I sought some out and gave it a try. AMAZING! Not only did it smooth out my satin stitches, it did so much more!

  1. No tangling. I'm guilty of stitching with longer lengths of thread than I should use, which sometimes leads to tangling. Not anymore.

  2. No gumminess when I use overheated Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy. I left a brand-new pack in my car for a long time on a hot afternoon. When I found out that the stuff that had been overheated now left a slight gummy residue on my needle, I was pretty bummed. That stuff isn't cheap! So I decided to keep using it even though the gumminess was irritating. I found out totally by accident that Thread Heaven completely eliminates the problem. Nice!

  3. Makes fussy threads behave better. I rarely use metallic or glitter threads because they're such a royal pain in the butt. But a little bit of this stuff makes them behave much better. Not as nice as regular thread, but better.

And it's not just for embroidery! I use it now on anything and everything I sew by hand. I've heard you can use it with machine sewing too - but I haven't tried that yet. It's really inexpensive. You get a tiny box - but that will last you ages. I sew a LOT and I've been working off the same box for more than six months now. Give it a try for all your stitching!