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Chalk Cartridge Sets

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I love using chalk for a non-permanent marking - but I find the usual quilting chalk pencils really frustrating. Every time I try to sharpen them (and I've tried all the different brands) the chalk breaks. I end up losing most of the pencil to this breakage. 😕

Not anymore!

I discovered these chalk cartridges and I love them!

They leave a nice clear line - and they don't need to be sharpened!

They work like a mechanical pencil - just push on the eraser and it pushes the cartridge up a bit. 

The set includes a sharpener in case you need a really fine tip for something - but I've never needed it.

I mostly use the white chalks. I feel like the colored chalks don't quite erase without a trace - so I use them in garment construction where most of the markings are on the wrong side or in the seam allowances.

The starter set includes the cartridge, eight white chalks, eight colored chalks, and a sharpener.

There are two refill packs available - one that's sixteen white chalks, and the other eight white and eight colors. (For what it's worth - I've been using my set for over a year now and still haven't needed to open my refill set. These last a long time.)

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