Charlie - a dog embroidery kit

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What you get

Anyone can stitch up these easy embroidery kits, but I designed them especially with the youngest stitchers in mind.

What's so special about them?

  • They're cross stitch - which is super easy and great for beginners.
  • The pattern is printed right on the fabric - so no counting or following a "map."
  • The entire background is printed. That makes the finished product extra cute - and also hides any crazy thread carries your kid might decide to do. :-)
  • The needle has a nice big eye for easy threading.
  • The thread is perle cotton - so no separating strands.
  • The thread is pre-cut into manageable lengths for less tangling.

You Get. . .

  • 6" square of fabric printed edge to edge with the pattern and background
  • 4" wooden embroidery hoop
  • 1 large-eye sharp needle
  • thread
  • simple instructions
  • link to super-detailed online and video instructions


The finished embroidery fits perfectly in a 4 inch hoop, or you can make a pillow with the 6 inch square.


Super easy! This is a terrific kit for beginning stitchers of any age.

What You Need

You'll Need. . .

  • Willing hands
  • Five or more hours
  • A pair of sharp scissors for trimming thread (important to know in advance if you're bringing this to keep kids busy on a long car trip - don't forget the scissors!)