Colorful Buttons

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What You Get

This pack of 360 colorful 3/8" buttons is perfect for all your crafty needs!

I salvage most of my buttons from old clothing, but those buttons are usually bigger than 3/8 inch. When I add buttons to my quilts for a little extra pop, I almost always reach for 3/8 inch. I finally realized that I have a permanent shortage of 3/8 inch buttons and looked around for a good source. These are what I found! Now I always have a nice selection of buttons in just the size and colors I use most often. Whew!

You get 360 buttons in six different colors. That's 60 of each color! 

The buttons are all two-hole and 3/8 inch (9 mm). They're the perfect size for doorknobs, polkadots, small flower centers, and more. They're also great decorative buttons for Dress Up Bunch doll clothes.

And the price is terrific! Less than 3 cents for each button!

Get a pack of these buttons and never be without that perfect little pop of color and shine. :-)