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Colorful Stitchable Tea Towels

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What You Get

I tested these tea towels for several weeks before deciding to carry them in my shop.

I love them!

They're 100% cotton in a nice, generous-but-not-ginormous size (20" x 28"), with a handy-dandy hanging loop in one corner.

Machine wash and dry (of course).

But the best thing is THE COLORS!

I know - white is traditional for tea towels. And it's a nice background for your stitching. But I like to actually USE my towels and, well, I don't do white in my kitchen. I don't consider myself a complete slob, but if I put a white towel in my kitchen it will be TRASHED in no time flat. Who wants that? Plus - who can resist that rich eggplant purple? The pumpkin orange? The lovely sage? I've got plenty of white in stock for those who want it. But me? I'm going for the color!

Grab a towel, a pattern and some thread and make a pretty something for your kitchen - or a friend's kitchen! These make terrific gifts! :-)