Cuddle Fleece (sold by the half yard)

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What You Get

Important News!

I will not be reordering Cuddle Fleece. You can read more about the decision here (and find my suggestion for a substitute). In a nutshell - the manufacturer has been steadily discontinuing colors, so now they don't have enough for me to make their minimum order. :-( You can buy what I have in stock, but once it's gone - that's it. I love this fabric and I'm truly sorry that I won't be able to carry it anymore.

Take your handmade softies to the next level with the most cuddly soft fleece I've ever touched.


It's double sided - so it's super-soft on both sides. One side looks kind of like terry cloth (only WAY softer) and the other side is slightly lighter in color and looks a bit furrier. I usually choose the look and feel of the terry-ish side, but they're both awesome. You could even combine both sides in the same softie for a subtle contrast - like the Bailey Bear you see in the photos. I used the lighter, shaggier side of the fabric for his belly patch. Cute!

It has a 5 mm pile - that's about the same thickness as a good quality polar fleece. It's a little drapier than polar fleece and makes wonderful baby blankets. You can use it for a quilt back too! It's 100% polyester, machine wash and dry. Of course! Like I would recommend anything else for making softies! :-)

It's 56 inches wide.

Important note!

I'm selling this by the half yard. That's enough for any softie pattern in my shop - and enough for two or more of some of the smaller guys. Unless you specify otherwise, I'll cut you a fat half. That's a piece of fabric 36" x 28" - a more useful shape (in my opinion) than a traditionally cut half yard, which would be a long, skinny 18" x 56" piece. If you order more than one 1/2 yard piece I'll cut it as one continuous piece. So if you order 2 half yards you'll get a single full yard piece. If you order 3 half yards you'll get a single 1 1/2 yard piece.