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Dandelyne Tiny Hoops

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What You Get

These tiny wooden hoops are so adorable!

They're made of wood with a brass nut and bolt to hold them closed - and the quality of each piece is excellent!

I've got them available in a few different sets. (Choose your option from the drop-down menu above the Add to Cart button.)

There are two sizes to choose from. . . 

  • 2.5 cm hoops (1 inch)
  • 4 cm hoops (1.6 inches)

Those dimensions refer to the outside of the hoop. The space for your actual design is a smidge smaller.

Make them into pretty necklaces and brooches!

All sets come in packs of three - available with and without jewelry parts - two necklaces and two pin backs for each set of three hoops.

These will be lovely gift items, perfect for holding a tiny bit of embroidery or even a favorite bit of fabric. :-)