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Fairy Frost Fabric - sold by the half yard


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What You Get+-

I started carrying this fabric especially for making North Pole versions of the Shiny Happy Houses quilt.

The bad news is that it's impossible to photograph. You can see it behind the lettering in the title image - but in the photo it just looks kind of yellowed. :-(

The good news is that in real life it's beautiful - and perfect for wintry scenes! It's a white base, over-printed with a mottled iridescent print. I wouldn't call it sparkly because there's no glitter, but it's definitely shiny. You know how old windows get that splotchy, icy pattern on them when it's cold out? That's what the overprinting is like, but shinier.

This is high-quality, 100% cotton Michael Miller fabric - the same fabric I use in a lot of my own quilts. The official name of this color is Snow.

Important note!

I'm selling this by the half yard. If you order more than one 1/2 yard piece I'll cut it as one continuous piece. So if you order 2 half yards you'll get a single full yard piece. If you order 3 half yards you'll get a single 1 1/2 yard piece.


If you're laying out your quilt like the Dinosaurs quilt (that's what I'm doing for my North Pole quilt) you'll need fabric for the snowy landscape AND the sashing strips between the rows. Here's how much you'll need.

  • Crib size - 1 1/2 yards (order 3 half-yard pieces)
  • Nap size - 1 3/4 yard (order 4 half-yard pieces for 2 full yards)
  • Twin size - 3 1/2 yard (order 7 half-yard pieces)