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Floss-a-Way Bags


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These are the bags I use to store my embroidery floss. Here's why I love them. . .

1. No kinks from being wound onto cards or bobbins.

2. Easy to store unused strands and short pieces.

3. Clear labels allow me to easily see the color of the floss in the bag, and the color number.

4. The punched holes and ring let me pull out and store together all the colors I need for a particular project.

I have a fair amount of embroidery floss, so I use one ring for all my blues in numerical order, one for all my greens, etc. I keep those rings in a shoebox - easy peasy. When I start a new project I pull all the colors I want to use for that project off of their rings and slip them all onto their own ring. That way I have a handy way to carry around all the floss I need for that particular project.