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Free Craft Supply Samples

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What You Get

Want to try some of my favorite craft supplies but don't want to invest in a whole package?

Here are some free samples! (Please read The Nitty Gritty Details below.)

You've got two choices.


If you've been curious about Sulky Sticky Fabri-solvy, you can get a half sheet with some embroidery motifs already printed on it. You can read all about why I love it and how I use it here. There's a free online workshop here teaching my favorite stitches - everything you need to stitch all these designs.


If you've been curious about how safety eyes and noses work, you can get a package of two eyes and a nose. The eyes are 12 mm gold cat eyes (because kids ALWAYS go for the colored cat/dragon/monster eyes first) and one 13 mm black oval nose. If you want to use them to make a crocheted softie, but you've never made amigurumi before, try this free squishy monster pattern. If you want to use them to make a sewn stuffed animal, try this free bear pattern. (Make his ears pointy and you have a cat.)

The Nitty Gritty Details

These are 100% free. I'll even pay the shipping. But the system isn't really set up for that, so please read below for additional info. . .

If you order just a free sample it will come in regular mail - no tracking info. The checkout process will still require an email and a billing address, but you will not be prompted to enter any credit card number. When you get to the end of the checkout process it will tell you there's no payment required. You still need to click the Pay Now button! That's what actually places the order. Check first to make sure it's charging you $0. (You'll see the amount due on the right-hand side of the screen.)

If you order a free sample plus one or more digital patterns, your sample will come in regular mail - no tracking info. Your digital patterns will still deliver instantly by email, as usual. The checkout process is just like normal.

If you order a free sample plus other things that require shipping, I'll just add your sample to the rest of your order and it will come with all the usual tracking, etc. The checkout process is just like normal.

Sorry - I can only ship to the US at this time. International orders would involve standing in line at the post office and I'm trying to stay isolated.

Inventory is limited, and one of my two main suppliers has already shut down so I don't know how promptly I'll be able to restock once they're gone. I ask you to limit your order to one sample per household per week, please. (Not one of each. Just one. If I still have stock next week you can order another then. Thanks!)