No-Pill Flannel Fabric

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What You Get

Beautiful, soft, warm, cuddly flannel that doesn't pill!

It's all 43/44" wide 100% cotton flannel from Timeless Treasures - and I tested it myself by making up some applique blocks and then repeatedly washing and drying them with no special handling. I even washed them with towels! No pilling, and no fraying around the edges of the appliques. Perfect! (You can see one of my test blocks in the photos. This is what it looked like after a month of being tossed in with every single load of laundry I did.)

***Please note!***

Each unit is 1/2 yard - so if you enter a quantity of 1 you'll get 1/2 yard of fabric. If you enter a quantity higher than 1, you'll get the length in one cut. For example - if you order a quantity of 3 you'll receive one piece of fabric 1 1/2 yards long - not three half-yard pieces.

Here are some common amounts you'll need for any of my quilt patterns. Check the pattern of the quilt you're making for specifics, but these are good general estimates.

Crib quilts are 25 blocks.

Napping quilts are 30 blocks.

Twin quilts are 63 blocks.

Background Blocks

One half-yard will yield 3 background blocks with a fair amount of waste/scraps you can use for something else. One yard will yield 9 background blocks with almost no waste.


One half-yard will be enough fabric to easily yield 8 animals for almost all of my patterns. (You'll only get 6 owls.)

Quilt Backing and Binding

Crib size needs 2 1/2 yards for backing and 1/2 yard for binding.

Nap size needs 4 yards for backing and 1/2 yard for binding.

Twin size needs 5 yards for backing and 5/8 yard for binding.