Pretty Colored Snaps

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What You Get

These are the snaps I use in all the clothes for The Dress Up Bunch. I love the pretty colors!

And the small size (5/16" or 9mm) is just right for doll clothes.

Choose what you need from the drop down menu.

You'll need one Snap Setter. These work just like any other hammer-on snaps - very easy - but the Snap Setter is the right size for these snaps and it's made special so it doesn't chip the color off the snaps when you whack them. And the way it lines things up is nice and neat. It has terrific illustrated instructions on the back of the package so you'll be fine even if you've never used hammer-on snaps before.

It's a snap. :-) *groan*

The snaps come in packs of assorted colors. Each pack has 20 snap sets in it - 5 each of four different colors. That's a lot of snaps!

  • Brights - these are my favorites. The colors are yellow, lime, orange, and hot pink.
  • Basics - just what they sound like, good basics you end up using a lot. The colors are black, white, red and navy blue.
  • Pastels - cool, frosty, sherbet hues. The colors are pale pink, pale blue, mint green and pale yellow. Pretty and soft.
Ready to get snap happy? Everything you need is right here. :-)