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Printable Freezer Paper Sheets


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Wonderful! I love using freezer paper for applique and for cutting felt - but I hate (really, really hate) to trace. Enter printable freezer paper sheets!

These are so perfect for using with digital patterns. Just call up your pattern and print it out on this paper. NO TRACING NECESSARY!

I think this is especially helpful for using with felt. It's always so hard to cut out those little pieces accurately. You can't pin it. You can't use pattern weights.

Freezer paper is the best option - iron it to your felt, cut the pieces out, then peel off the paper and you're done! You can reuse the pieces many times, but if it starts to lose its stick, just print out another sheet. Easy peasy!

These are 8 1/2" x 11" sheets and they can be printed in any inkjet printer. (Inkjet only! The heat of a laser printer or a copy machine will melt them!)

You get 30 sheets in a pack. That's a lot of crafting!