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Printed Pillow Panels

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My designs, printed on fabric!

Usually I sell my designs as applique quilt patterns. Readers choose their own fabrics, add their own tweaks, and make my designs in hundreds of different variations. It's awesome!

But not everyone here at Shiny Happy World quilts. Some people embroider, or crochet, or sew - and I've had lots of requests for my designs printed on fabric to be able to be used in other projects.

Here they are!

Choose your design from the drop-down menu above the add to cart button.

They're printed on sturdy cotton twill - great for pillow covers and tote bags.

Each panel is an 18-inch square. In the sample photo I made a panel into a quick and easy pillow cover with a solid brown backing from my stash. There's a free tutorial for that here.

Fabric Care

When you receive your fabric it will feel very stiff. That's because of the sizing and stuff that makes the printing "take." After you wash it the first time it will be beautifully soft.

The manufacturer says to anticipate 4-6% shrinkage in length and 1-2% in width. I sewed my pillow cover before I washed the panel. The stiffness really stabilizes the fabric and makes it very easy to sew with, and the shrinkage didn't cause any problems. I do recommend washing before you sew if you're using this in a larger quilt or wall hanging, with piecing around it.

Machine wash warm or cool on a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry on a low temperature setting. Iron on the reverse side of the fabric.