Safety Eyes

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I love using safety eyes in my softies. I think it gives them a really professional look. And the shiny black domes have a certain sparkle to them that's impossible to replicate with felt or embroidery thread. Plus? They're super easy and fast. :-) Kids especially love using them in their projects.

They're called safety eyes but they are NOT SAFE FOR BABIES! Please - if you're making a toy for anyone under 3 years old - stitch the eyes. It's the safest solution.

I have them in a few sizes. . . 9 mm is the size I use most often. I use them in all of the Dress Up Bunch dolls and in lots of other softies as well.

12 mm is just a bit bigger and I use them in some softies.

6 mm is the size I use in Franklin the Fat Cat when I'm stitching the small face (it makes him look extra-fat).

4.5 mm is tiny. I use these in small felt softies, like the Party Animals.

I like using this ball point awl to poke the holes for these eyes.

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