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Skinny Hook & Loop Tape


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Doll clothes using hook & loop tape are super easy for even the youngest fingers to manage. It's one of the few times I really love using it.

But I can never find the size I want in any of the fabric or craft stores near me! The smallest I can ever find is 5/8" and that's a little clunky for most doll clothes. The really ideal size for The Dress Up Bunch clothes is 3/8" (also for American Girl and other 18" dolls - for those of you out there looking for hook & loop tape for those too).  

You can buy it in increments of one foot. I'll be calling for four inches for most Dress Up Bunch patterns, so a foot is enough to make you three outfits. If you want more than a foot, just enter the quantity for the number of feet you want. You'll get them in one continuous cut.