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Soft and Stable


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This is the perfect product for making softie ears that stand up nicely, but aren't hard or non-cuddly in any way. It's mostly used by bagmakers who want to add stability and structure to a bag, without making it hard or crisp. It's a thin foam, covered on both sides with a smooth knit, so it doesn't feel icky to touch. Here's what I love about it. . .

It's easy to work with. You can sew right through it.

It's stiffer than batting and really maintains its shape - but is still soft and cuddly. You can fold those ears over and they'll spring right back up.

It's very lightweight.

It's machine washable and dryable.

It gives a really professional look to your finished softies.

Each piece is 18 x 29 inches - enough to make non-floppy ears on a lot of softies.