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Speckled Rainbow Fabric - sold by the half yard


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I started carrying this fabric especially for Polaroid block quilts. The non-directional, random speckles are PERFECT for the backgrounds behind the Polaroids! But they'd also be terrific as regular background blocks for any applique. The small scale overall speckle won't compete with your applique fabrics, and it's a great option if you don't want to put a lot of work into the quilting, since it won't show up as much against the texture of the print.

This is high-quality, 100% cotton Michael Miller fabric in super fun colors - the same fabric I use in my own quilts. The official name of this collection is Garden Pindot.

Choosing fabrics for a quilt can be tricky - and shopping online if there's no quilt shop near you can be even trickier. This collection takes all the guesswork out of the process for you. It's a full range of colors all in the same fun print. Pick and choose whatever works best for your quilt - all the colors work together really well.

Important note!

I'm selling this by the half yard. If you order more than one 1/2 yard piece I'll cut it as one continuous piece. So if you order 2 half yards you'll get a single full yard piece. If you order 3 half yards you'll get a single 1 1/2 yard piece.

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If you're buying the background fabric for a Polaroid quilt (like the red speckles you see in the image below) here's how much you'll need.

  • Crib size (9 blocks, 51" x 51") 2 3/4 yards (order 6 half-yard pieces for a full 3 yards)
  • Nap size (12 blocks, 51" x 68") 3 1/2 yards (order 7 pieces)
  • Twin size (20 blocks, 68" x 85") 5 3/4 yards (order 12 pieces for a full 6 yards)

If you're buying fabric for background blocks for any of my regular quilt patterns, it's most efficient to buy 1/3 yard at a time. Since I sell it in half-yard increments, that might mean a little waste.

If you buy 1/2 yard, that's enough for 3 blocks plus a leftover 6-inch wide strip - great for sashing, borders, binding or lots of other quilt patterns. This is a versatile fabric to have in your stash, so I wouldn't worry about getting a little extra.

If you buy a yard (2 half-yard pieces) that's enough for 9 blocks with almost no waste.