Stuffing Tool

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Most of the time my hands work just fine for stuffing. Fingers are pretty handy tools, after all. :-)

But sometimes they're just not small enough, or long enough, to stuff something as well as I'd like. That's when a tool like this is just what you need.

It's actually a pair of hemostats - just like doctors use - and they work great for stuffing.

  • The tips are small, so they can get into tiny places.
  • The tips are grooved, so they get a good grip on your stuffing.
  • They lock closed, so you can work the stuffing down right where you want it and then release it.

They're 5 1/2 inches long - long enough to reach the tip of just about any toy limb - but not so long that they're unwieldy for everyday use.

I don't use them often - but when I do they're just right. :-)