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Stuffing Tool


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Most of the time my hands work just fine for stuffing. Fingers are pretty handy tools, after all. :-)

But sometimes they're just not small enough, or long enough, to stuff something as well as I'd like. That's when a tool like this is just what you need.

It's actually a pair of hemostats - just like doctors use - and they work great for stuffing.

  • The tips are small, so they can get into tiny places.
  • The tips are smooth, so when you get your stuffing where you want it, you can let go and they'll slide right off without bringing the stuffing with them.
  • They lock closed, so you can work the stuffing down right where you want it and then release it.

They also work great for grabbing stray threads from your sewing machine - like a really terrific pair of tweezers. :-)

They're 5 1/2 inches long - long enough to reach the tip of just about any toy limb - but not so long that they're unwieldy for everyday use.

Bonus - they come in fun colors!

I don't use them often - but when I do they're just right. :-)