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Think BIG! Fun and Easy Giant Applique Class



What you get

Make a BIG impact with BIG applique!

Learn how to enlarge an ordinary applique pattern to make it giant size. (Students will need access to a copy shop - Kinko's/FedEx, Staples, etc. - to print their giant patterns.)

I'll take you step by step through all my favorite supplies and the special techniques I use for oversized applique with fusible adhesive. It's fun! And easier than you think! BIG applique is FAST - so many of these projects can be made in a day!

Make four fun projects. . .

  • A framed applique "poster"
  • A giant floor pillow
  • A simple baby quilt
  • A huge portrait couch quilt

You don't just get patterns with this purchase - you get access to a full online class through the Ruzuku platform.

(The Buy Now button will take you to the Ruzuku website to complete the purchase. Shiny Happy World coupons won't work on this class.)

The class includes the patterns for all four projects - including the applique patterns already enlarged for you.  quilt PLUS 7 video lessons teaching you everything you'll need to know to do any appliqué project using fusible adhesive. The lessons are available any time day or night - and they never expire so you can watch them again and again. And there's an easy way to ask me any questions you might have along the way!

You Get. . .

  • Full-sized patterns for all the projects shown.
  • Complete instructions and easy formulas showing how to enlarge or reduce ANY applique pattern to use in ANY project. Do you like the layout of the bunny quilt but you want to make it with the fox? No problem. :-)
  • Tips, tricks and video tutorials for working with GIANT applique - including what to do when the project is too big for the widest fusible adhesive you can buy and how to handle it when the project is bigger than your ironing board. :-)


      These projects are EASY. And FAST! The big pieces are so easy to outline, and they have big impact fast. Embellishing a quilt with one giant applique is a lot faster than making 30 individual blocks - so these are really great projects when you're pressed for time. :-)

      Giant applique is fast and fun - and easy once you learn a few techniques for dealing with the big pieces. :-) It's a great skill to have in your pocket to get extra use out of any applique pattern you have. Make a "regular" baby quilt and then enlarge a single block to make a poster with baby's name and birth date. Make a "regular" couch quilt and enlarge a single block to make coordinated floor pillows. The sky's the limit and you can go as BIG as you like!

      Join the class now. I can't wait to see what you make!