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Fancy Doodads - applique pattern

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What You'll Get

The Fancy Doodads pattern is a collection of silly accessories that you can add to any quilt block.

This is a digital pattern delivered instantly by email. (If you're not sure what a PDF pattern is, you'll find more info here.)

Here's what you'll get. . .

  • 4 hat styles
    • top hat
    • birthday party hat
    • propellor beanie
    • bowler
  • 8 styles of glasses
    • round
    • oval
    • cat's eye
    • square-ish Grandpa
    • retro
    • heart-shaped
    • rectangle
    • monocle
  • 2 mustache styles
    • curved
    • curly
  • 8 other accessories
    • speech bubble
    • thought bubble
    • dog bone
    • fish
    • fish bones
    • heart
    • flower
    • bow (for bow tie or hair bow)

All of the pieces come in several sizes so you can fit them to a wide assortment of applique patterns you already have. :-)

See some examples of what you can make in the additional photos.

Please note - the pattern does not include the animal blocks. It only includes the fun accessories and is designed to be used WITH other block patterns.

What You'll Need

There are no special fabric requirements here - the accessories are all small enough that they can be made with scraps.

You'll need some fusible adhesive (I like Heat & Bond Lite). Scraps work for that as well!


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