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Fancy Doodads - applique pattern


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What You'll Get+-

The Fancy Doodads pattern is a collection of silly accessories that you can add to any quilt block.

This is a digital pattern delivered instantly by email. (If you're not sure what a PDF pattern is, you'll find more info here.)

Here's what you'll get. . .

  • 4 hat styles
    • top hat
    • birthday party hat
    • propellor beanie
    • bowler
  • 8 styles of glasses
    • round
    • oval
    • cat's eye
    • square-ish Grandpa
    • retro
    • heart-shaped
    • rectangle
    • monocle
  • 2 mustache styles
    • curved
    • curly
  • 8 other accessories
    • speech bubble
    • thought bubble
    • dog bone
    • fish
    • fish bones
    • heart
    • flower
    • bow (for bow tie or hair bow)

All of the pieces come in several sizes so you can fit them to a wide assortment of applique patterns you already have. :-)

See some examples of what you can make in the additional photos.

Please note - the pattern does not include the animal blocks. It only includes the fun accessories and is designed to be used WITH other block patterns.

What You'll Need+-

There are no special fabric requirements here - the accessories are all small enough that they can be made with scraps.

You'll need some fusible adhesive (I like Heat & Bond Lite). Scraps work for that as well!