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Space embroidery pattern

Skill Builder!


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What you get+-

Please note: This pattern is a digital PDF pattern. More info here.

Space. The final frontier. This easy embroidery pattern has all my favorite imaginary space stuff - bright red rockets, aliens with eye stalks, fancy ray guns, weirdly-colored planets. This is the space of Saturday morning cartoons and I love it. :-)

You Get. . .

  • a full sized pattern for tracing
  • a reversed pattern for use with iron-on transfer tools
  • a complete color and stitch guide
  • links to videos teaching you all the stitches I used


The total image is 7 inches square and takes several nights to stitch - but I designed it so you can easily pull out individual images to use. Add a raygun to a purse, a rocket to a pair of jeans, an alien to a lunchbag. You get the idea.


All of these images use only five very basic embroidery stitches - but one of them is a fill stitch you may not have used before so I'm calling this a skill builder.  The pattern has links to video tutorials teaching you all the stitches.You can totally do this!