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Mix & Match Monsters Amigurumi Pattern

Skill Builder!


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Everyone loves an adorable monster! And it's so much fun to make - and design - your own!

Monsters are especially awesome for folks just getting started with designing, because nobody can tell you that monster arms aren't that long, or monster ears are round instead of pointy, or monsters have longer legs. There's no wrong way to make a monster!

The Mix & Match Monsters pattern includes detailed instructions for 15 different monster parts: heads, bodies, arms, legs, ears, muzzles, horns, warts, and more.

But that's just the beginning!

All the crocheted samples are color-coded. Increase rounds are crocheted in purple yarn, decrease rounds in green yarn, "straight" rounds with no increasing or decreasing are crocheted in blue yarn, rounds that are a good spot for attaching arms or legs are crocheted in yellow. Throughout the pattern I let you know which instructions correspond, for example, to the blue band around his hips or the green section that tapers to his neck. All that color-coding will help you see the connection between the instructions in the pattern and the shape you're creating.

But I don't stop there.

I also included handy notes along the way to make your own design changes. I tell you how to adapt the pattern to make his legs longer or shorter, the point at the top of his head more tapered or more blunt, his muzzle bigger around or longer, and more.


It's a design workshop disguised as a pattern.

All that means I don't recommend this pattern for beginners. It assumes you have a basic understanding of how to attach parts, insert safety eyes, change yarn colors, etc. That doesn't mean you have to be an expert with dozens of finished amigurumi under your belt! If you have experience making a basic crochet body and one with standing legs, and you've attached parts with both whipstitch and single crochet, you have all the experience you need to jump into this pattern.

One more thing. . . you don't have to make monsters! You can use the parts to make dogs and cats and lots of other non-imaginary critters! You may never buy another crochet pattern again. :-)

This is a digital pattern delivered instantly by email. (If you're not sure what a PDF pattern is, you'll find more info here.)

Supplies you'll need. . .

The PDF pattern has links to lots of videos teaching you special skills and providing a refresher course on any of the basics.