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Eddie the Huggable Teddy Bear



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Meet Eddie! He's a big, huggable teddy bear with soft, suede­ish pads on his paws and feet and smooth satin in his ears.

With all those touchable textures, this is a bear just begging for a snuggle!

This is exclusively available as a PDF pattern, delivered instantly and ready to print onto letter-size paper. No shipping costs and no waiting! If you're not sure what a PDF pattern is, you'll find more info here.

Pattern Details

You Get. . .

  • full-sized pattern pieces – no enlarging needed
  • detailed instructions and lots of step by step photos – you’ll never feel lost or wonder if you’re doing it right
  • links to videos teaching you all the skills you’ll need to make your own huggable bear – from sewing curves and stuffing, to stitching up that stuffing hole. You can totally do this! It’s a workshop in a pattern!


He's about 10 inches tall (not counting those cute ears) and about 10 inches wide - an excellent size for hugging.


Easy! No special skills needed. If you can use your sewing machine, you can make this bear. :-)

Materials Needed

You can find links to sources for many of my favorite tools and supplies here.

You'll Need. . .

  • 1/2 yd. brown fleece fabric (I love using Cuddle Fleece)
  • scraps of black and brown wool felt for the nose and muzzle (I used black and copper)
  • scraps of brown satin for the ear linings
  • scraps of suedeish fabric for the paw pads
  • embroidery thread for the mouth ( I used black)
  • two 9mm safety eyes
  • plastic pellets for filling (I like Fairfield Poly Pellets)
  • polyester fiberfill (I love Fairfield brand Soft Touch Poly­fil Supreme)



This pattern is not available for commercial resale. That means you may not copy and sell or digitally distribute the pattern or any variation of the pattern

For example, you may not print the pattern and sell those copies.


You may, however, sell anything you make with Shiny Happy World patterns as long as you are the one making it.

For example, if you're using this pattern to make stuffed animals which you sell at a craft fair or in an online shop, that's great!

Talk to Me

If you're hiring out any part of the process, please get in touch and we'll work out a fair licensing agreement.

For example, if you want to hire someone to machine embroider the faces, or die cut the fabric pieces for you, those two scenarios would require a licensing agreement. Get in touch! I'm easy to talk to. :-)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anita Baxley
Wonderful Pattern!

This was a wonderful pattern, great instructions and a quick and easy make. I sew for a local nonprofit for children and will find new homes there. You won’t be disappointed by how cuddly and lovable they turn out to be.

Practice in muslin first…

Eddie and I are making friends. I’m making him in muslin first as I practice all of the steps. I appreciate your videos, but I wish they were easier to find. I’m hoping to make 4 bears from my daughter’s pj’s, and I’m not sure stretch knits will work well. The bears are for my great grandkids after the death of their Grandmom…my daughter. I may have to buy cuddle fleece for the bodies and use the pj’s on feet pads, hands, and ears.

Adorable beginner bear!

I really enjoyed making this squishy buddy. The pattern was very easy and an excellent choice for new sewers. It’s adorable and I can’t wait to make more!

Janice Loughlin
Huggable bear perfect for kids

I used this pattern to make Memory bears for my great niece and nephew from their grandmother’s fleece robes. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, but I didn’t attach the arms correctly. I should have listened to my gut and done them the way that made sense to me, but I followed the directions as I understood them even though it didn’t seem right. I had to unpick and do over, but no big deal. I have made stuffed animals before, so I knew I had to reverse the arm and leg patterns to make matching pairs. But it didn’t say that on the pattern pieces or the directions. This could cause a problem for beginners. The final results were wonderful! I hand embroidered “Meme” (pronounced Mimi but she spelled it Meme) on one foot and a heart on the other. The kids absolutely love their memory bears! I can’t seem to upload the photos from my iPad, but I did post them on the shiny happy world Facebook group’s page.

Britta Hubbard
If Middle School Students can do this, so can you.

I bought these patterns at the request of my Middle School students. They love them. The instructions are so straight forward that even my students with limited sewing language skills can read and follow them. It is great!!! Thank you! My 8th grade boys were AMAZED at the power of the downloadable PDF. It was hilarious how excited they were that the patterns came to me instantly.