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You Are My Sunshine embroidery pattern



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I'm making my own sunshine. You can too!

This is a super easy pattern. It's a lot of stitching, but it's all running stitch with a teeny bit of backstitching. Easy peasy and great for beginners!

Stitch it up on a T-shirt or frame it in a hoop for a burst of sunshine anywhere. :-)

This is exclusively available as a PDF pattern, delivered instantly and ready to print onto letter-size paper or Sulky Sticky Fabri-solvy. No shipping costs and no waiting! If you're not sure what a PDF pattern is, you'll find more info here.

Pattern Details

You get. . .

  • a full-sized pattern for tracing
  • a reversed pattern for use with iron-on transfer tools
  • a complete color and stitch guide telling
  • links to videos teaching you the two stitches I used in the sample


The sun is 7 inches wide and 6 inches tall - a great size for putting on a T-shirt without any enlarging or reducing needed.


It doesn't get any easier than this. The whole thing is all running stitches (the most basic stitch there is) with just a bit of backstitching (the second easiest stitch) for the mouth.  The stitching is easy - but there's a lot of it. Expect to take a few evenings to finish this happy little guy.


This pattern is not available for commercial resale. That means you may not copy and sell or digitally distribute the pattern or any variation of the pattern

For example, you may not print the pattern and sell those copies.


You may, however, sell anything you make with Shiny Happy World patterns as long as you are the one making it.

For example, if you're using this pattern to make art which you sell at a craft fair or in an online shop, that's great!

Talk to Me

If you're hiring out any part of the process, please get in touch and we'll work out a fair licensing agreement.

For example, if you want to have kits printed on fabric, or print the design on greeting cards, those two scenarios would require a licensing agreement. Get in touch! I'm easy to talk to. :-)

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