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Continuous Stitching - set of three embroidery fill patterns



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Use these embroidery patterns to fill any space - no matter the size! The grid and floral patterns are continuous repeats. That means you can print out multiple copies and place them side by side for one never-ending repeat pattern!

The square and circle grids are handy guides for so many patterns! Use the square grid to stitch perfect stripes, checkerboards and plaids. Use the round grid as a guide to stitch a mandala!

This pattern does not include a color and stitch guide. Stitch them up any way you like in all your favorite colors!

In this project I used the square grid to get regular spacing on the raindrops, and the seamless flower repeat for the garden growing from the bottom.

For this project I used that seamless flower repeat again for all the flowers in the girl's hair.

And for this project I used the circle grid to make a really fun mandala sun.

You can see some additional projects in the photos.

The pattern includes a link to all my embroidery tutorial videos.

This is a digital pattern delivered by email. (If you're not sure what a PDF pattern is, you'll find more info here.)