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Playful Puppies Quilt Pattern

Easy! Skill Builder!


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What you get+-

You love dogs? 

Me too!

Big dogs, little dogs, shaggy dogs, fluffy dogs, sleek dogs - I love them all. Even shedding dogs!

Get ready to jump into the ultimate puppy-lovin' quilt pattern and spend some quality time creating adorable dog faces. (I have been known to murmur, "Who's a good dog? You are!" to my pups as I finish them.)

Here are the nitty gritty details about exactly what you get.

You Get. . .

  • A digital pattern delivered by email. (If you're not sure what a PDF pattern is, you'll find more info here.)
  • SVG files for use with electric cutting machines
  • 25 cute puppy appliqué patterns – full size so there’s no enlarging needed
  • Reversed and exploded appliqué patterns to print directly onto freezer paper or fusible adhesive. No tracing! Every piece is labeled so it’s easy to assemble after you’ve cut it all apart.
  • Detailed instructions and lots of step by step photos – you’ll never feel lost or wonder if you’re doing it right.
  • Detailed cutting instructions for crib, nap and twin sized quilts - plus links to more info for additional sizes.
  • Instructions for assembling the quilt – layering, basting, quilting and binding – with links to videos for all of them - including links to Quilt As You Go videos.
  • Links to videos teaching you all the skills you’ll need to complete the project. It’s a workshop disguised as a pattern!

Are you a new quilter?

I've got you covered. The fourteen puppies you see on the cover are designed especially for beginners.

For each pup you get. . .

a full-sized placement guide like this:

. . . full-sized pattern pieces - reversed and exploded so you can print directly onto fusible adhesive sheets, like this:

. . . and a video showing you how to assemble the pieces.

You also get a link to download an SVG file for use with electric cutting machines like Cricut.

Want to stretch your design skills a tiny bit?

Move on to the additional eleven dogs.

      These dogs are all made with the templates from the main fourteen, so their placement guides look like this.

      You get the placement page, which tells you which pattern pieces to use, and you also get a video showing how the pieces go together.

      Want to stretch your design skills even more?

      Create your own! Remix all the pattern pieces to create dogs for which I didn't include a placement guide and videos. All the pieces in this pattern also work with the pieces in the More Playful Puppies pattern (coming soon). Between the two patterns you'll have the pieces you need to create all but the weirdest-looking dogs. :-)


      The blocks finish at 10" square. The pattern includes detailed instructions for the following sizes. . .

      • crib (50" square)
      • napping (50" x 60") - this is my favorite size for on the couch
      • twin (70" x 90")

      This post has links to info for additional quilt sizes.


        I designed this quilt to teach appliqué – so it’s great for beginners, and a fun and relaxing project for more experienced stitchers. If you can use your sewing machine, you have the skills you need to make this cute and cuddly puppy quilt.

        I used appliqué with fusible adhesive and Quilt As You Go to make a super easy quilt - almost all done on the machine. The pattern also includes links to videos teaching needle turn appliqué and machine appliqué with freezer paper, in case you prefer those methods.

        What You Need+-

        Want easy peasy fabric shopping?

        For my background blocks I used this fabric - color-coordinated blocks with the quilting lines printed right on them. I used the Gemstones color palette in light, medium, and dark.

        For the puppy appliques I used this Giant Animal Kingdom fabric bundle.

        I designed these fabrics especially for applique!

        You'll need. . . 

        Crib Size (50" square)

        • 3 yards of a variety of background fabrics
        • assorted prints in puppy colors (get at least 7 fat quarters, but you’ll probably want more for variety)
        • 2 1/2 yards fabric for the quilt back (or 1 1/2 yards Cuddle Fleece)
        • 1/2 yard binding fabric

        Napping Size (50" x 60")

        • 3 1/3 yards of a variety of background fabrics
        • assorted prints in puppy colors (get at least 8 fat quarters, but you’ll probably want more for variety)
        • 4 yards fabric for the quilt back (or 2 yards Cuddle Fleece)
        • 1/2 yard binding fabric

        Twin Size (70" x 90")

        • 7 yards of a variety of background fabrics
        • assorted prints in puppy colors (get at least 16 fat quarters, but you’ll probably want more for variety)
        • 5 yards fabric for the quilt back (or 4 yards Cuddle Fleece)
        • 5/8 yard binding fabric

        Other Materials

        • batting (I love Warm & Natural 100% cotton batting)
        • fusible adhesive (if using my favorite appliqué with fusible adhesive technique) - I recommend Lite weight for quilts. Most of the dog templates require two sheets per dog.

        You might also want. . .

        • freezer paper (if you choose the machine appliqué with freezer paper technique) – either a roll from the grocery store, or this printable freezer paper
        Breeds Included+-

        In this pattern you get templates and placement guides for the following breeds. . .

        1. Akita

        2. American Cocker Spaniel

        3. Australian Shepherd

        4. Basset Hound

        5. Beagle

        6. Belgian Malinois

        7. Bernese Mountain Dog

        8. Bloodhound

        9. Brittany

        10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

        11. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

        12. Dachshund

        13. Doberman

        14. German Shepherd

        15. German Shorthaired Pointer

        16. Pug

        17. Rhodesian Ridgeback

        18. Rottweiler

        19. Schnauzer

        20. Shetland Sheepdog (also works for Rough Collie)

        21. Shina Inu

        22. Siberian Husky

        23. Viszla

        24. Weimeraner

        25. Yorkshire Terrier (also works for West Highland White Terrier)

        The More Playful Puppies pattern will include the following breeds. . .

        1. Bichon Frise

        2. Border Collie

        3. Boston Terrier (also works for French Bulldog)

        4. Boxer

        5. Bulldog

        6. Cane Corso

        7. Chihuahua

        8. Corgi

        9. English Cocker Spaniel

        10. English Springer Spaniel

        11. Golden Retriever

        12. Great Dane

        13. Labrador Retriever

        14. Maltese

        15. Mastiff

        16. Newfoundland

        17. Pomeranian

        18. Portuguese Water Dog

        19. Poodle (both standard and toy)

        20. Shih Tzu (also works for Havanese)


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 24 reviews
        Playful Puppies

        This quilt pattern was so much fun! I could not stop working on it until I was done. It was great to dig through my stash to fine the prints to use for each square! I will be giving it to my daughter. Her lab is a certified comfort dog and she can sit/lay on it while at work. All the videos were awesome, down to earth and helpful.

        Patty Davis
        Can’t wait to get started!

        Playful puppies looks so fun. I’ve made several bear quilts and had so much fun doing them. I can’t wait to start on the puppies. I recently lost my dog and I can’t wait to make a block that looks like my Peanut. I also ordered some of your suggested fabric from Spoonflower. I love it too!

        Marlene Kosfeld
        Fab Puppies!

        So fun to do and they made a very cute quilt.

        Marcia M.
        Hours of Fun

        Made the Puppy guilt a year or two ago and the updated one looks like something I will make in the future. Sewing the blocks was so much fun and relaxing. I liked that you can go back to the download and click on highlighted areas for help.

        Sheena Reid
        Great pattern

        Love the pattern