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Napoleon and Josephine - Elephant and Mouse Softie Pattern



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What you get+-

Meet Napoleon and Josephine – a very large elephant and a very tiny mouse. Do I need to tell you that the elephant is super huggable? I mean - just look at her! She’s really easy to make – great for beginners. You can make her in a single afternoon. And the little mouse! It’s all hand sewn from felt – a project perfect for toting around in your purse or working on while you watch TV.

You Get. . .

  • A digital PDF file delivered instantly by email. If you're not sure what that is, there's more info here.
  • full-sized pattern pieces – no enlarging needed
  • detailed instructions and lots of step by step photos – you’ll never feel lost or wonder if you’re doing it right
  • links to videos teaching you all the skills you’ll need to make your own pair of friends – from sewing curves and stuffing, to stitching up that stuffing hole. You can totally do this! It’s a workshop in a pattern!


Josephine the elephant is a very huggable 10 inches tall - and just as broad. Napoleon the mouse is just under 3 inches tall. He points his nose up in the air to make himself seem taller, but it doesn’t really work. :-)


Easy! Both of them! Josephine is an easy softie pattern – nice big pieces that are easy to work with, gentle curves, nothing fussy. Napoleon is all hand-sewn, but is still not difficult. Just a bit more time-consuming. 

What You Need+-

You'll Need. . .

For the elephant

  • 1/4 yd. cuddle or polar fleece fabric
  • 2 9mm safety eyes
  • plastic pellets for filling (I like Fairfield Poly Pellets)
  • polyester fiberfill (I love Fairfield brand Soft Touch Poly­fil Supreme)

For the mouse

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
lee Lowe
Easy elephant 🐘

Love this simple elephant pattern. I am sewing for a Christmas give away in June!

Britta Hubbard
If Middle School Students can do this, so can you

I bought these patterns at the request of my Middle School students. They love them. The instructions are so straight forward that even my students with limited sewing language skills can read and follow them. It is great!!! Thank you! My 8th grade boys were AMAZED at the power of the downloadable PDF. It was hilarious how excited they were that the patterns came to me instantly.

Nannette Johnson
Love being able to download

The patterns are very easy to use and quickly accessible due to download. Thanks

Jill Winter
Napoleon and Josephine

What a great pattern! It was so fun to make, and Wendi makes it easy to follow and complete. I have never hand-sewn a softie before, but it was a breeze with the instructions and links if I need extra help. I highly recommend this pattern for anyone who loves elephants or anyone looking to make a easy, cuddly softie to love.