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Monster Monster - cheater quilt fabric


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Silly colorful monsters in an easy-to-use cheater quilt - perfect for children's bedrooms and throws!

The brightly colored blocks behind each monster are irregular so not easy to measure, but if you imagine each monster with his block inside a square, those squares are 12 inches.

Why Cheater Quilts?

In addition to being fast - cheater prints are also the least expensive way to make a quilt. No waste! Nothing lost to seam allowance! As an example - here's a cheater quilt I'm working on. It's 2 yards of this Monster Cheater Quilt print on organic cotton sateen, so the printed size (not including the strips of white along the selvedge) is 56 inches wide and 72 inches tall.  

A comparable size quilt top made with any of my patterns would use about 6 yards of 42-inch wide fabric. Even factoring in the different fabric widths - that's still more than twice as much fabric!

I like to hand quilt my cheaters using Big Stitch Quilting - but you can also machine quilt, or tie, or finish it any way you like.

What goes with it?

You can find coordinating monster fabrics here.

The color palette matches the Gemstone Blenders.

You can find prints and printables of some of the monsters here.

Find the Mix & Match Monsters quilt pattern here, and the simpler Scary Squares pattern here.

How to Order

The button will take you directly to the fabric on Spoonflower - a separate website. Shiny Happy World coupons won't work on that site, but Spoonflower is almost always having a sale of some kind. Check the banner at the top of the page when you get to their site.

When you place an order on Spoonflower, they custom print whatever design you like on whatever base fabric you choose. I like to use Organic Cotton Sateen for my cheater quilts.

  • The fabric is lovely and smooth.
  • It's very high quality - thread count is 220.
  • The colors are bright and durable.
  • The printable width is 56 inches - significantly wider than standard quilting cotton.

The fabric will be very crisp when it arrives. Just like any fabric, I highly recommend pre-washing before you use it. It softens up beautifully.

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