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Let's Make a Quilt - free workshop

Super Easy!


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This workshop is no longer something you need to sign up for or have an account to access! Woo hoo!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Lorraine Pennington
ery helpful

Great remeinders on process when you have not quilted for awhile

Roberta Koniuchowsky
Clears up a lot of confusion

I had questions about quilt-as-you-go and applique. This tutorial answered them!

Karen Eckert
Love that it's free but

I really wish there were pdf's or handouts with the information rather than watching videos on how to do it. I like to be able to have the hard copy of the cutting instructions and sewing directions in front of me to move at my own pace rather than having to stop and start a video.

Betsy Walker
Interesting technique

Interesting combination of applique with 'quilt as you go'. Explanations and video were well done. My final project looked great. I just wish that pressing open the seams were not so tedious. Maybe there is a trick to doing it.

Lorna Gray
Marvellous tutorial

This was so helpful. I have tried appliqué before but this helped me to get it right. Thank you