People Colors - Skin Tone Fabric Bundles

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What You Get

Five half-yard cuts of high-quality, 100% cotton fabric in gorgeous skin tones. These colors are perfect for Dress Up Bunch dolls and also for the Paper Dolls applique quilt pattern. They're the exact fabrics I use in my own work!

(These are all from the Cotton Couture Collection of solids from Michael Miller Fabrics.)

Choosing skin tones can be tricky - and shopping online if there's no quilt shop near you can be even trickier. This bundle takes all the guesswork out of the process for you! You get five different skin tones in people colors from light to dark. The darkest brown is still light enough for embroidered facial features and black safety eyes to show up well on it.

It takes a half yard to make a single Dress Up Bunch doll, so one bundle will allow you to make five different dolls. One bundle is also all you need for a crib or nap size Paper Dolls quilt. You'll need two bundles to make a twin size Paper Dolls quilt.

The photos show just a few dolls and applique blocks made with these fabrics.

Order your bundle now and get ready to have some fun. Orders ship on the same or next business day, so you won't have to wait long. :-)

Click on the leftovers tab to read more about buying any available leftovers in larger cuts.


You can buy my leftovers! 

When I order fabric for fabric bundles, I order one bolt of each fabric. But the amount on a bolt can vary by a few yards! Since each bundle needs exactly 1/2 yard of each fabric, I end up with leftovers of the colors that shipped on bigger bolts.

Now those extra leftovers are available to you in half yard cuts! At a discount! Do you want a little extra - or a full-width piece - of one of your favorite colors? I might have it here.

Each unit is 1/2 yard - so if you enter a quantity of 1 you'll get 1/2 yard of fabric. If you enter a quantity higher than 1, you'll get the length in one cut. For example - if you order a quantity of 3 you'll receive one piece of fabric 1 1/2 yards long - not three half-yard pieces.

Since these are leftovers, what I have available will vary widely. If you see something you like - get it! Choose your color from the drop-down menu above the add to cart button.


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